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Brochures and Other Materials

Brochures for our PFAS treatment systems, our energy-efficient water disinfection and micropollutant systems, and our other wastewater treatment systems.

Click the PDF button to download each file.

PFAS Solutions

BioLargo AEC Brochure

Gold standard in sustainable PFAS removal.

AEC Case Study

The AEC was used to treat water from a municipality in Wisconsin. Learn how it performed.

AEC Chlorides Case Study

The AEC was used to remove chlorides from water provided by a municipality. 

PFAS Testing Program

Our program to help you identify the best treatment course for your PFAS contamination challenges.

PFAS Treatment in Food & Beverage Industry

Learn how the AEC can solve PFAS contamination challenges in the F&B industry.

Oct 2022 WWOA Workshop slides on PFAS


Interview with Environmental Social Justice about BioLargo PFAS Technology:


Click here

BioLargo AEC Video

AOS - Sustainable Water Disinfection and Micropollutant Removal

BioLargo AOS Brochure

Energy-efficient tertiary treatment and micropollutant removal system.

Water Reuse Solutions

Evaporators, crystallizers, DAFs, cooling tower treatment systems, and more.

AOS Municipal Wastewater Pilot Video

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